The Writing Life: Dull November?

Dull NovemberDo you remember the poem, “The Garden Year” by Sara Coleridge, that teaches the months of the year in nifty rhyme? In this poem, Coleridge says this about November:

Dull November brings the blast;
Then the leaves are whirling fast.

Now, I’m fairly certain she’s describing the weather, but I can’t help but get stuck on the word dull.  For the past week as I stared at the impending NOV. 1 circled in metaphorical red on my calendar, my head was full of grumblings at this description.  They went something like, “Dull November my left foot! November – full of NaNo and NovPAD. Kids’ birthdays. November. ‘Dull.’  Not dull, full.  Stupid poem. Stupid November. And why is Thanksgiving in November? Maybe I can move to Australia.”

Yes, crazy rantings of a mad woman.  I’m not proud.

November is anything but dull between school and family and birthdays and holidays and work deadlines.  Never mind trying to write anything.  And this year, I’ve added NaNoWriMo and NovPAD to my to-do list.  Yet despite my nutty mumblings, I’m actually very excited. I am approaching both writing challenges with the idea that anything I write is better than not writing.  I’m trying not to get too caught up on word count for NaNo (although my GOODNESS it is hard to ignore the word counts being casually thrown about on the boards and Twitter … and it’s only day two!). And I’m thrilled to have partners in insanity through my Twitter and board connections for both #NaNoWriMo and #NovPAD.

I’m also excited because I’ll be announcing my November Giveaway on Wednesday (11/4). I had so much fun with the October Giveaway that I decided to make it a monthly thing here on my blog.  Stay tuned for more free fun!

So tell me… what are you doing this Dull November?  NaNo? NovPAD? Hot pokers to the eyes? Or are you staying sane and not joining the writing mayhem?  No matter what your November brings, I’d love to hear about it!


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