March Giveaway!

Win this mug! Details below.

Read on to find out how you can win the awesome mug from Out of Print pictured on the left! Short on time? Scroll to the bottom for details.

If you have a writer or book lover  in your life (or if you are the writer/bibliophile), you know it isn’t always easy to find a unique and fresh gift. Sure, notebooks are nice. And funky pens can fit the bill.

But isn’t it exciting when you give or receive a gift that really hones in on the spirit of the written word?

Of course it is!

That’s why I was so excited to discover Out of Print, an online store dedicated to spreading the love of books through their amazing line up of products. What’s more, Out of Print is also committed to delivering books to communities in which books aren’t readily available.

Check out this blurb from their website:

“As the landscape of how we read and experience literature continues to change, Out of Print is dedicated to celebrating our favorite stories while promoting literacy in underserved communities. 

Each product sold donates a book to a community in need through our charity partner, Books For Africa. It also supports the authors, publishers and artists who made these iconic works an integral part of our lives.”

Yep. Good people.

So for my March Giveaway, I’m offering one of their products – the “Banned Books” mug – to one of my lucky followers. This cool little number starts out with redacted titles that appear when the mug is filled with a hot beverage.

I love it!

“What do I have to do to win this amazing mug?” you are probably asking.  It’s simple.  Here are the details:

  • You must be a resident of the US (or have a US shipping address) and be 18 years of age or older.
  • Get two entries by commenting on this blog and telling us the best writing gift you’ve ever given or received (if you don’t have one, give us the one you’re wishing for right now!).
  • Get another entry by posting about this Giveaway on Twitter.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE ME, @TheKatMcCormick, IN YOUR TWEET SO I CAN GIVE YOU CREDIT!
  • You can Tweet once per day until the Giveaway ends and earn one entry per day on Twitter.
  • Do all of this before the Giveaway officially ends Friday 3/18/2016 at 11:59pm Eastern.
  • I will select a random winner and announce the winner on Saturday 3/19/2016 on Twitter and on my blog.

That’s it!  Easy as pie. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments!

Good luck and happy writing!  


18 Comments Add yours

  1. James Stack says:

    My sister gave me the complete Shakespeare – a four volume set – that I have treasured ever since she gave it to me when I was in high school. The best writer’s gift ever.

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    1. Kat says:

      Wow! What a great sister! 🙂

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  2. WootWootWooooooo! That’s a cool giveaway, Kat. I want, I want! I didn’t know about the Out of Print website. I’ll share it and your post on my own blog. Thank you for the giveaway offer. As much as we writers love books and all things writing, sometimes something more gifty hits a sweet spot of paying homage to our craft (and love of goodies).

    My own favorite writerly gift is cliche but I can’t help myself: journals. Lined journals, dotted journals, blank journals. Just gotta give the paper to my friends, writers or not. Journals call out to the creative or the organizer in all of us; it’s a lovely melding of both sides of the brain to collect ones brain stuff in one spot. I used to do architectural drafting by hand, and also calligraphy, so there’s this relentless drive within me to find relief in putting pencil or pen to paper – and to see if others will find the same joy doing so, as well.

    The coolest journal I’ve ever seen so far (besides my own, which is a refillable leather thing with a wrap-strap and an embossed tree on the front), was a wood-covered, lined journal that I found at – of all places – Costco. I loved it so much, I bought several to give as gifts, and I still have a blank one waiting for myself and the right/write project. It feels good to know it’s sitting there for me, waiting its turn.

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    1. Kat says:

      Thanks for sharing, Traci! I feel in love with site – they carry an old school Nancy Drew tote bag, which meant they had me at hello.

      I love journals, too. LOVE THEM. I’ve spent way to much money on them over the years. The one from Costco sounds amazing – and I like the idea of a refillable journal. Hmmm. I might have to hit Google… 😉

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  3. vhosking says:

    I tried to give this gift Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry
    Book by Jack Prelutsky to my daughter’s teacher to help teach poetry in April, but daughter purloined it for her own library. I was able to give Jennifer Brown book marks to her current English teacher and school library.

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    1. Kat says:

      Oh, that’s a phenomenal book! We have two copies – when my schoolteacher mom retired, I grabbed a second copy. 🙂


  4. rmlenzi says:

    For Christmas of 1990, my parents gave me a Panasonic desktop word processor, and I wore that thing down to nothing! I wrote so much on it – term papers, short stories, college application essays, letters to my friends, poetry, job applications … and I saved everything I wrote on 3.5″ floppy disks that I saved my babysitting money to buy.

    My word processor perished in the second semester of my freshman year of college – I was writing a paper one minute, and the next minute the tiny LED screen just went blue. Completely blue. And when I attempted to restart it, it gave a last gasp and a sad buzz. My tears started flowing, out of shock and out of surprise, because it was so faithful and helped me foster my love of writing. And I still love sitting down to a keyboard because of it.

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    1. Kat says:

      What a great story – not the breaking of the machine, but the love of writing it helped foster. My brother had a Panasonic and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing… Knowing him, he probably still has it! 😉


  5. S.K. Lamont says:

    My husband gave me an iPad air two years ago, so that I could put my legs up when I write, and also so that I could write anywhere. I Iove it! I write all my novels on it then send them to my desktop to edit in scrivener. If only scrivener had an app I could do it all on my beloved iPad.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

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  6. Trenda says:

    The coolest writing gift I ever received was a Jane Austen action figure. So amazing!

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  7. Mayuri Anand says:

    That mug is amazing! That’s the kind of thing I could never justify buying for myself these days.

    The coolest writing gift I ever received was from me to me, in the days before kids and mortgage payments: a 1940s vintage Corona typewriter with round, black keys. It had a working ribbon and floating shift, and made delicious tappy-type sounds. I could see the arms of the letters fly up and hit the ribbon with a whap whap whap (although they would get stuck if you tried to type too fast). I put it by the window and I used it for real. It had a romantic fragrance all around it, like no matter what I wrote there, I was, for that moment, anyway, a “real” writer.

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  8. Kim Bailey Deal says:

    The best writing gift I received was my 60’s manual Smith-Corona Typewriter, from my sweet hubby. 😊

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  9. Darla Verlinden says:

    Kim, my heart just thumped so hard when I saw the name Smith-Corona. When I was a kid I taught myself to type on my mom’s old manual typewriter. My smallest two fingers weren’t strong enough to push the keys down to get the letters to hit hard enough to fully ink, so I typed with 2 fingers on each hand and my thumbs on the space bar. LOL I saved my babysitting money to buy a Smith-Corona (which my uncle had bought and then sold to me for pennies on the dollar so he could buy a different model – very sweet.) I can still hear it chugging along. The whole desk would shake! It was the best gift even though I paid for it since I paid only $150 for it brand new. Thanks for the fantastic “discount”, Uncle John!

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  10. I just wrote a lengthy response about my Smith-Corona… I clicked Post Comment, but I don’t see it on here. Not sure if there’s an approval process.

    When I was a teen I wanted a Smith-Corona but couldn’t afford one. I began saving babysitting money so I could buy one. During that same timeline, my uncle bought one and decided he didn’t really like it, but rather than return it to the store he sold it to me for half the cost and then bought another (different) model for himself. 🙂

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  11. Kim Bailey Deal says:

    Darla, Miss you cover photo on my Facebook and WordPress blogs shoe mine. I learned on my grandmother’s old one and then in high school on an IBM Selectric. Those are good memories.

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  12. I’ve received a number of great writer’s gifts. Probably my favorite was a poem post card. The title of the poem is Believe in Yourself. The post card was a sweet thought from a dear friend and an inspiration I keep close at hand.

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  13. Kim Bailey Deal says:

    Wow look at the typos on that last comment! “My” cover photos “show” mine. Lol


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